In The Name Of God
The Company of Talaye Teb Azma for nearly two decades in the production and distribution of laboratory and medical equipment using experienced professionals and experienced staff based on own goals and aspirations to serve the community of Medical Sciences, is scheduled

Activity areas of expertise include biochemistry, Serology, Microbiology, Pathology, Hormones, Parasitological component of the company’s expertise in the field of medical devices and laboratory maintenance staff is also very experienced

During its activity to meet the needs of Hospitals, Universities and Research Nationwide basic steps and is in the path of excellence and promote the standardization of scientific and medical diagnostic centers to obtain success

The Company of Talaye Teb Azma has a number of important and influential in the medical and laboratory centers, including the centers have excellent cooperation:
1- The public hospitals: 18 Units
2- Private hospitals : 8 Units
3- University centers : 10 Centers
4. Partners and Union : 20 Units
Given the broad scope of its activities and the needs of customers in the consumer goods, supply latex gloves annually in the Global 3000 Cartons their agenda in the context of contracts and agreements with domestic and foreign manufacturers have and with the aim of creating customer satisfaction, efficient and economic purchase contract is part of his plans

Ali Fekri
CEO & Board Of Director


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